Our Story

 pure botanical skincare


How it all began...

Founder: Ed Campbell

ESENSI was born out of a lifelong passion for nutrition and healthy living, as well as a faith in the pure, safe and beneficial properties found in plants and nature.

“ From a very young boy I knew instinctively that there would always be a soothing dock leaf nearby when I was stung by a nettle! ”

As a former chef, later in life I knew that diet has a significant impact on the complexion and health of skin, and so it was a natural progression to come to understand the “recipes of nature”, especially from those healing plants that have been used to treat human ailments for thousands of years.

ESENSI was created with a singular goal in mind: To create a range of clean and pure, performance-driven skincare products for my daughters, partner, mother, and for women like them who refuse to risk their health for beauty, and most importantly celebrate their age where experience and individuality are more important than perfection and homogeneity.

ESENSI has proven to be a skincare range that is effective and beneficial for all, no matter their sex, age or skin type. Skincare that feeds the skin with 100% pure plant-based ingredients, and using only those ingredients that have been proven in time as safe, highly effective, and sustainable.

 Welcome to ESENSI : Skincare that understands your skin



Esensi ésénsi {noun} Essence; essences; the essence of; quintessence