Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principle is Simple...

...Heal and rejuvenate the skin holistically, use only natural, organic sustainable ingredients, keep it simple, and take good care of yourself.  

Our skin looks its best when it is healthy. Unbalanced skin creates symptoms such as acne, dullness, inflammation, and dryness. We don’t believe in fighting our skin’s nature, but rather in nourishing it so that it can return to its natural, healthy glow. This means soothing break outs with anti-inflammatory ingredients and products that promote a healthy skin flora so that your skin can win the battle on its own. We do not believe in using harsh chemicals that dry the skin or create dependencies.

We believe in promoting healthy, hydrated, clear skin with natural and safe ingredients that work with the skin to promote balance. We formulate all ESENSI products with this philosophy in mind, which means every one of our products will nourish and heal the skin, naturally and organically, with optimum levels of nutrition to truly transform the health and wellbeing of your skin.

This universal approach means our products are equally effective for everyone — all genders, skin tones, ages, and issues. Each wonderfully unique complexion is deeply nourished, with naturally beautiful results that grow over time. We believe every person should enjoy beautiful skin for life, regardless of their age.

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of the ESENSI philosophy alongside a ‘no compromise’ ingredient policy. Each and every ingredient we select is only ever included if it has a real proven benefit to the overall effectiveness of the product and for the particular problem that the product is formulated to target.

Our vision at ESENSI is to deliver the safest and most effective skincare available, by translating nature's genius into innovative formulations. Achieving optimal skin health and healing real skin issues drive us to produce the cleanest and safest products that truly work.

We are proud to have been accredited from PETA into their Beauty Without Bunnies Program



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