Our Philosophy

At Esensi our philosophy is very simple...

...To create a range of highly effective skincare products using only the purest botanically derived ingredients to naturally nurture your skin. The feeling you get from using them is quite literally nature taking our botanical ingredients and using them to go to work on improving the condition of your skin.     

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of the Esensi philosophy alongside a ‘no compromise’ ingredient policy. Each and every ingredient we select is only ever included if it has a real proven benefit to the overall effectiveness of the product and for the particular problem that the product is formulated to target.

We also want our products to give you their very best performance for as long as they possibly can. We do this by packaging them in special Miron violet glass bottles and jars that preserve the active ingredients right down to the very last drop, ensuring they are as fresh as possible for your skin.

We are proud to have been accredited from PETA into their Beauty Without Bunnies Program


  • Esensi ésénsi {noun} Essence; essences; the essence of; quintessence


Esensi Botanical Skincare

Organically Formulated with the Purest of Intentions.

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