E S E N S I Brand Ambassadors

Become a Brand Ambassador with ESENSI

We have an amazing team of ESENSI Brand Enthusiasts, Reps, and Ambassadors all across the UK, Europe and the wider World, if you feel you could be one of them we would love to have you join us.

Brand Enthusiast


We are currently looking for a few more ESENSI Brand Enthusiast. All you need is an active social media account, Instagram is preferred.

As a Brand Enthusiast we start by giving you a great discount on all ESENSI products - a huge 75% discount! 😍

Then if after a month you choose to keep working with us, we will either give you more products for free or refund your purchase.

It's this simple..

  • Choose which ESENSI product/s you want to promote (you'll love them all 😍), and buy them at 75% discount with the personal code that we will send you.
  • Then post to your social media a minimum of five times over the course of one month.
  • We will then either refund your full purchase price, or if you prefer, we will send you your next product totally free.
  • Your posts can consist of images or videos of ESENSI products being used and/or other creatives showcasing ESENSI products.
  • It's that simple to enjoy all your ESENSI products totally free 😍
For more details and your personal 75% discount code click here to apply to be an ESENSI Brand Enthusiast through Messenger

    After a month is up, and if you would like to continue with us, you will then have the opportunity to apply for our Brand Rep or Brand Ambassador Team.

    Brand Rep

    As an ESENSI Brand Rep we will generously reward you for purchases, promotions, and engagement so your efforts do not go unnoticed.

    • Upon approval you will receive a personalised discount code.
    • Share your personal discount code with friends, family, and your followers!
    • You will earn great commissions on all purchases made with your personal discount code!
    • There is no commitment required to post to your social media as a Brand Rep but it is always a great way to boost your sales and commissions.

    Brand Ambassador

    As an ESENSI Brand Ambassador we require you to help increase ESENSI brand awareness and sales by promoting our products through your various social media channels.

    You will need to have an engaged following on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or another social media platform. NOTE: You don't need to have a huge social media following - often smaller more intimate accounts get much better engagement and that's all we require.

    As an ESENSI Brand Ambassador, we want to hear your experiences with ESENSI. We want to know what YOU think about ESENSI, our products and our philosophies, and communicate the value of our products to your followers and audiences.

    As an ESENSI Brand Ambassador you would:

    • Be the face and voice of ESENSI
    • Generate brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing
    • Create social media content such as blogs, stories, creative images or videos that include ESENSI products
    • Promote the ESENSI brand via your personal social media accounts
    • Provide feedback and insight on new products/services
    • Represent the ESENSI brand positively

    We reward ESENSI Brand Ambassadors with:

    • A personalised discount code to share on your social media.
    • Our highest commission paid on all sales created through your social media channels and personalised discount code, including repeat orders.
    • Free full size products for your personal use
    • Free prizes for contests and giveaways
    • An opportunity to earn cash payments for beautifully created content

    For all positions we ask that you tag us with our handle, @esensiskincare, and with the #esensiskincare #mindfulbeauty #nutritionalskincare #ethicalskincare #minimalistbeauty #nourishyourskin hashtags on all posts, as well as any others that you feel are relevant.

    Click here to apply to be an ESENSI Brand Enthusiast through Messenger

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